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Build Your Own Phase Converter Plans

All of the 3 Phase Converters built from "build your own phase converter plans" scored poorly in all categories of our testing and research.  Due to the very nature of these phase converter plans being for someone to build an electrical apparatus that they were not familiar with, we found that there were more injuries in the field due to this type of plan than any other.  Also, do to the fact that an individual has to guess what is the best way to produce the power that they needed there were the most mistakes made, even by licensed electricians.  These types of plans tend to be deceptive about the simplicity and then guide the user to make a product that is not a real rotary phase converter.  Most people who attempted to follow these plans tried and failed several times, wasting days and even weeks, before they gave up and purchased a quality manufactured rotary phase converter. Our experience shows that it takes years of research to become an proficient phase converter builder, and that it also requires good planning and a team of electrical engineers.  Most of the phase converters built with these types of plans failed within a year and required more tinkering and guessing.

Every "self build phase converter plans" and "build it yourself phase converter kit" we could find simply used materials and plans to build a product that was simple and did not account for the required power factor and other electrical adjustments.  These plans resulted in a home brew type of product with electrical imbalances that could harm the machinery they were intended to power.   

In our research we found that some companies called a product that they sold a "Rotary Phase Converter" but, in fact, their product is made with just a control box (or a Static Converter) and an electric motor.  These type of products were shown though our rigorous testing to be unsafe and unreliable.  There is a tendency for these "Static Phase Converter" controlled units to burn out the equipment it is meant to operate due to phase imbalances that change with the load.  We did not count these types of products as true Rotary Phase Converters, but rather in the category of Static Phase Converter or Build Your Own Phase Converter Plans.

The "home build your own phase converter plans" attempt to build a poor replacement for a rotary phase converter.  The 3 phase power is not balanced 3 phase power.  In addition to being incomplete, leaving out important power factor correction, they also rely on an electric motor to help generate the 3rd phase.  The circuitry of an electric motor was not meant to do this and often causes problems with the plan.  

True Rotary Phase Converters must be manufactured from the ground up due to the contactors, relays, and other specialized parts, that must be built into the 3 phase generator that make this a very specialized refined product. 

It is recommended that only true 3 phase balanced Rotary Phase Converters, with a 3 phase generator and power factor correction, is used to power 3 phase machinery and equipment. 

Remember that not all rotary phase converters are manufactured to the same high quality standards.  Click here to read our Phase Converter Purchasing Checklist for guidance in selecting a quality product from a quality company.


Veteran 3 phase electricians analyze phase converter models.